College Library

To inculcate habit of self-study the college has a well-equipped library. Apart from textbooks, there are encyclopedias, research journals, magazines, and newspaper. It is the major source of information for the scholars, teachers and visitors of the college. the students are expected to make maximum use of the library. Recently, the college has purchased additional books like Encyclopedias, reference books etc. to be used by the students, teachers and guests.

The detail of books available in library is as follows: -

Total no. of Books 10226
Number of Titles 4100
Total no. of Text Books 7673
No of Books for B.A. B.Ed. 1015
No. of Books in Book Bank 625
Total no. of Educational Journals 35
Total no. of Reference Books 854
No. of CDs 436
No. of Dictionaries 26
No. of Newspapers 12
Total no. of Magazine 29
Encyclopedias 25 (Including Britannica of 32 Vol) and Year Books.
Number of Books added in previous session 90
Number of Books added in current session 17

  The library is governed by the following rules : ----

  1. Non-transferable borrower’s card will be issued to all the students  and books will be issued on these cards only. loss of borrower’s card should immediately be reported to the librarian who will issue a duplicate card on the payment of Rs 25.
  2. Three books are issued to a student for a period of 14days only.
  3. The books will be re-issued if they are not in demand by the other students.
  4. Books issued to a student must be returned within a fortnight from the date of issue. Delay in return will entail a fine of Rs. 2 per day per volume.
  5. Reference books, textbooks, rare books, and periodicals shall not be issued except for consultation in the library premises.
  6. Books issued from the library must on no account be passed to others.
  7. A person losing, defacing, underlining or damaging a book shall be required to pay the cost of replacement if the belonging to a set or series is lost. She shall be required to pay the entire cost of the complete set or series, unless she can replace the particular volume designed.
  8. The library shall be closed at least once a year, the period and the time notified by the principal for the purpose of stock checking. All books will be recalled three weeks before the stock checking begins. After stock checking a report shall be sent to the principal.
  9. Books issued for the long vacation must be returned within week after reporting to the college.
  10. The students are expected to observe perfect silence in the reading room and not to disturb others in anyway.